Computer Centers

The first Computer Center was opened in April 2015 with 8 students (6 girls and 2 boys) in Guntur.  Two former students from Hyderabad (Opal Multimedia) and Chennai (Penta Multimedia) University volunteer to teach web design theory and application and animation 3 hours daily.
These classes will provide an education in computer science to young men and women who cannot afford to take computer classes at public schools. In order to find a job with a decent pay is very beneficial to have computer experience.
We always try to find out how we can help in the most efficent way. Currently, Shoshana provided the computers, the local organization that our Sewing Center works with, is paying the rent for the building and the two instructors provide their time free of charge. When they are not teaching at our center, they work at the universities. It is always preferred to have local support and initiative.
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