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During a trip to India in autumn, 1998, Martha Foerch saw firsthand the plight of women and girls in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Her experience led to the founding of the charitable association

                               "Shoshana– Help for women in need." 


The association is founded on the love of God; in the words of Jesus:

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me"  Matthew 25,40 ESV

The association’s declared intention: 

"The association has the duty to give women in developing countries help, so that they can help themselves. We help women and their families regardless of age, marital status, or religion. Through sewing centers: women gain knowledge and abilities; they also gain social skills. At medical centers: people get help in First Aid, besides they learn about hygiene and primary health care."

Established                 January 15, 2000


Form/Register            e.V. (Registered Association) Schwaebisch Hall No. 700


Members                     16 (Silke Abendschein, Gitta & Edmund Baeuerle, Martha B. Foerch, Ruth Kerkow,

                                     Birgit Leu, Leni Schaefer, Beate Steffen, Edith & Gerhard Trinkle,

                                     Helmut & Annette Wieland, Christel Wolf, Gertraud Zeisberger, Cornelia Gallenz,                                           Silvain Roman)


Board Members         Edith Trinkle, Germany, Rosengarten-Rieden,   1. Chairman

                                    Martha B. Foerch, USA, Ellwood City,  2. Chairman

                                    Gerhard Trinkle, Germany, Rosengarten-Rieden, Secretary General

                                    Christel Wolf, Germany, Rosengarten-Rieden, Advisory Councel

                                    Gertraud Zeisberger, Germany, Moeglingen, Advisory Councel

                                    Annette Wieland, Obersulm, Advisory Councel

                                    Leni Schäfer, Kirchberg, Advisory Councel


CEO                             Martha B. Foerch,  info@shoshana.org


Administration          Gerhard Trinkle,  gerhard.trinkle@t-online.de


Treasurer                  Edmund Baeuerle


Recognition               Serving Charitable Causes


Exemption                 May 31, 2019 Tax Office Schwaebisch Hall, Germany (good for 3 years)

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