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Shoshana can only survive with donations.

Therefore, we are glad for every support we get in order to help needy women and their families.

Donations from Europe:
Raiffeisenbank Tuengental Germany
IBAN: DE03600699500059300000
Donations from India:
Community Development Society
Indian Overseas Bank, Brodipet, Guntur-522002
AC NO: 012301000015487
IFSC Code: IOBA0000123

Tax Exemption: 10/03/2022  (Good for 3 years)

We are very thankful for all your donations!


Martha B. Foerch regularly visits the projects and checks the situation of the apprenticeship in the sewing centers. Besides that, she decides which projects need our support. At the moment there are 28 projects.


Each project costs about $ 200–250 a month, depending on the currency exchange rate. Every project gets a certain amount of money. It is for the teacher’s salary, cloth for practice, and charges like power, transport, sewing machine repair, etc.

The rent is paid by the local societies, which is a good step forward to independancy.

That system is the only way to make sure donations aren’t used for purposes other than intended. Moreover, the centers undergo regular audits.

Some women want to have their own sewing machines after their apprenticeship. We provide each of them a machine for a small monthly payment. A simple mechanical sewing machine costs about $ 75, one with zigzag stitches about $ 100. The sewing machine remains Shoshana’s property until the woman has paid back a settled amount of money.


We can guarantee that your donation causes a huge change in the women’s life. With this apprenticeship we give the women the chance to help themselves and their families. It is also possible for you to adopt a project. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information. Our costs for administration and overhead are minimal because we have volunteers to help. 

The ratio of donations to administrative and advertising costs in 2021 was 1.82%

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