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Our History:

In 2023:

Martha visited India in the fall. She received an award by the Indian organization COWE (Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs) along with 39 women. 

In 2022:

Unfortunately, Martha was unable to visit India in either 2020 or 2021.  So we very much hope that it will be possible this year.  Check Bindu's blog for the latest reports:


In 2021:

We were able to start two new Sewing Centers in Slum areas around Vijayawada.  The need among the very poor was and still is great.  At the Medical Centers we are giving out Covid kits that have been provided to us by the government.  Since then, only very mild courses of the disease have been observed.


In 2020:

Shoshana was also restricted with the regulations due to Covid 19, but the medical centers were open all the time. The sewing centers were very reduced in April and May and lots of distance. Some didn't dare to come, but things quickly went back to normal from June.

In 2019:

A new Medical Center was established in Thotavaripalem, Prakasam district with nurse V. Latha

In 2018:

This year we were able to open one Medical Center in Dasaripalem and one Sewing Center in Tenali with Ms. Krishnaveni as the instructor.

In 2017:

We were able to start 2 new centers in March. One Medical Center in Chinaganjam and one Sewing Center in Anaparthi with Ms. Sivakumari as the instructor. In December we opened a Medical Center in Heyerpet (Chirala) with Mr. Srinu as the local nurse. We also changed the schedule at some of our Sewing Centers in order to save on monthly expenses. Instead of teaching a second class in the afternoon,  former Shoshana students (who do not own a sewing machine yet) return in order to accept and fulfill orders under the supervision of the instructor. The income from these orders is being shared by both the former students and the teacher.

In 2016:

This year we opened one Medical Center in Ravipadu with Ms. Veeranjaneuyulu as the local nurse.

In 2015:

We were able to open 3 new projects by June (a Medical Center in January (M-1310), a Sewing Center in January (S-1320), and a Computer Center in April ( C-1330). Many young people cannot afford to take public computer classes, however they need computer experience in order to find a well paying job. We have currently 30 active projects. More than 1000 women have completed an apprenticeship at one of our Sewing Centers and are therefore able to make a living on their own.


In 2014:

We did not start any new projects this year. 13 Sewing Centers and 14 Medical Centers are running smoothly and many people are receiving our help and support.


In 2013:

This year we were able to open 2 new Medical Centers, M-1290 in September and M-1300 im October.


In 2012:

We opened a new Medical Center M-1280 in Swarna.


In 2011:

We were able to start a new Medical Center (M-1270) in Karamchedu.


In 2010: 10 Years Shoshana

We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year with many of our friends with our church group in Rosengarten-Rieden, who has supported us from the beginning. This is where we first started our organization in 2000 and the Trinkles and Christel Wolf live. We also had a celebration with all of our Indian friends hosted by Bindu's family in in Chirala during Martha Foerch's visit in the fall. 


In 2009:

We were able to start two new Sewing Centers in July ( Visadala/ Guntur and Pasumarthi/Guntur). Martha Foerch visited all of our projects during her 4 week trip to India.  We are very thankful that all of our center are running well. 


In 2008:

During a trip to visit Shoshana's centers in February/March Martha Foerch noticed a huge need for help when visiting an area of very poor people in Lohiyapuram by Vetapalem. It was decided to start a Medical Center there which was started in April. Another Sewing Center was started in November inVenkatappaiah/Guntur.


In 2007:

In February the decision was made to open up two more sewing centres. In April it was time to open up the two new centres.


In 2006:

A circle of friends from Moeglingen near Ludwigsburg in southern Germany made it possible to open another sewing center. In January the first apprenticeships started in Sugali Colony.


In 2005:

n February Martha Foerch went to India to visit the projects and to consider additional activities. She also went to see the consequences from the tsunami that struck the Bay of Bengal coast of Andhra Pradesh in December 2004 and to find out how to help. As a result, thanks to special donations, we were able to buy rice and 30 fishing nets for families in two villages that had lost theirs to the tsunami, giving them the opportunity to earn a living again. Additionally, tsunami donations enabled us to open two medical centers, one in Prasadha Nagaram, another in Ramapuram. Both centers are in villages close to the coast where the tsunami struck. In February a tenth sewing center opened in Mutyalareddy Nagar. So altogether, at this time, Shoshana offers 100 apprenticeships at 10 sewing centers.


In 2004:

Obviously we were on the right path, and it was possible for us to open another sewing center. Martha B. Foerch opened it during her visit in April. This was our ninth sewing center. Martha Foerch also explained to her Indian colleagues that they needed to start looking too for some help in their own country. By now, the support has grown.


In 2003:

We were able to open a second Medical Center in March. The people basically made their living by fishing and had no medical facility. Bindu`s grandfather told us about the bad situation in Sampath Nagar. After seeing it ourselves, we knew we had to help.


In 2002:

In the summer of 2001, the first sewing course was completed. We were anxious to see how our graduates would develop. We were excited about all the sewers getting a job and being able to earn money. Some wanted to start as freelancers and work at their home. Shoshana financed their sewing machines. This assistance gave them the possibility to support their family financially.


In 2001:

We were able to open more sewing centers, one in February, another in September. These openings were possible because of the many donors for "Shoshana – help for women in need." We start new projects in cooperation with the local Christian community. The women applying for the training, however, don´t have to be Christians: all that matters is their need.


In 2000:

We were able to open the first Medical and the first Sewing Center due to the hard work and intense preparation by Mr. and Mrs. Höfer. We opened a medical center in the village of Kadavakuduru (20,000 habitants) on the Bay of Bengal. Shoshana provides the medicine and other expenses while the township provides the building for the center.

The first sewing center was started in September in a suburb of Guntur. The instructor is a woman that was abandoned from her husband. 

Shoshana's "Office" in India was opened in Vijayawada  in September. Bindhu, a young and committed Indian, is the administrative assistant responsible for the supervision of the projects. She monitors the activities of the projects, and she keeps the books. 


Martha B. Foerch and Horst and Anne Höfer travelled to India in the fall of 2000. 

The Founding Meeting of our organization was held on January 15, 2000. 

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